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Fascination formation dance
Eight pairs, an idea - a topic, a music - a Choreography, a team spirit and a training discipline - five tournaments, super tendency, achievement, hope - success or tears. So one could describe the formation dancing in all shortness. Who experienced once the fascination of the team haven formation dance with all its emotions, she does not release so fast again. Born in the 30's of the last century from the idea of the Pattern Dances, which drew pictures on the dance floor first in only one dance and usually with four pairs, developed its own discipline of the dance sport, which began to grow at the latest with introduction of the official world championships in the year 1973 also in Germany inexorably. Today match formations - separately according to the kinds of tournament in the standard and in the Latin American dances - with eight pairs dance and show all five dances of the respective section. Constant successes of the point teams of the DTV provided in the 90's for a boom, in its consequence meanwhile about 170 crews the tournaments from the national league to the 1. Federal league in the standard and latin formations deny. New music ideas as well as the constant advancement that picture -, and steps Choreography mean a permanent challenge from season to season. The tension over the new programs like also the question, which crew will have the nose in front in this year, precedes the first tournament of the season for a long time. With crews, coaches, fans and spectators. Until the emotions become free then, after the valuation with the first tournament - and then again and again.
(Source: Markus Sónyi)

The match structure in the DTV
Singularly the league system of the German dance sport federation is world-wide. five-step developed, of the national leagues of the individual national dance sport federations over the upper and regional leagues of the league ranges north (Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein), west (North Rhine-Westphalia) and south (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland) the ascending crews reach single-railed led 2. and 1. Federal leagues. In the new Lands of the Federal Republic so far only isolates formation dance operated. The creation of a league range east with own league enterprise is not so far meaningful for lack of sufficient number of participants. The there ready-for-launch crews are integrated into the tournament enterprise next in each case of the league range for it (north or south). Season high point is the German championship of the formations (DM), to that those in each case eight crews of the 1. Federal leagues standard and latin are starting entitled. With DM the title assignment is not only decided. The result determines also the affiliation to A and b-cadre of the DTV. The German master represents the DTV beyond that also with the world championships of the IDSF. In each league five season tournaments are usually delivered. Their results result in the respective table conditions over the addition of the reached places. Between 1. and 2. Federal league takes place a direct ascending and descending. For each league are here two Starting from riser, in the 2. Federal league additionally two on risers to determine. The crew at place 1 of the conclusion table of the 1. Federal league represents the DTV - dependent on the date of the championship - as if possible first and/or secondary starter with the European championships of the IDSF as well as if necessary with the world championships. So far parallel leagues - e.g. the regional leagues of the three league ranges or several upper and/or national leagues within a league range - exist, ascend either only the respective Erstplatzierten of the conclusion table or it takes place a determination of the On risers via an individual qualification tournament. To these qualification or ascent tournaments in each case a before specified number of platzierten crews of the conclusion tables is certified. The Qualifikations regularien for the agency with the international championships of the IDSF is fixed in the tournament and sport order (TSO) of the German dance sport federation. In each case the DTV Sportausschuss (SAS) decides the up and Abstiegsregularien of all leagues one season ago.


(Source (Text and diagrams): Framework training plan of the DTV)

The special meaning of the formation dancing in the DTV
The formation dance sport has - not only because of the high number at starting teams - a special meaning for the DTV. More than 2 1/2 of decades international dominance in a kind of competition is the result of a world-wide singular, systematic structure. Beyond that the DTV can be written by development assistance German coach practiced abroad also a large part of the immense positive development - before all in Eastern Europe - on the flag. 194 match formations standard and latin in 24 starting leagues of the DTV were announced in the match year 1999. Only the continuation of the developed structure of a consistent development over all performance levels can secure also further the international position of the DTV formations.
(Source: Framework training plan of the DTV)

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