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Пока только английский перевод с немецкогоHistory History of Hans Joachim shepherd The following article comes of the program to the German championship to the formations of 19.10.1991 in Cologne - aligners: TSZ blackyellow Aachen The history of the formation dancing Optically probably the most beautiful meeting of the dance sport, the formation dances, are not new. They are the dances of before-past time, the dances of the closed groups. Only to the last and most well-known that time, which is Quadrillen and Francaisen, here reminded, because of their popularity at the older generation, even if only isolates, still into the present saved themselves. From them the speech is not to be here, but from a kind tying to it, which connects old harmoniously with new one. The Viennese Walzer introduced as well known a new epoch. The dance of the individual pair began itself to intersperse. The modern society dance of our century knows only the form of the pair dance, and thus at the same time also its sporty variant begins. "over night the dance from the Amuesement became to the sport", writes far ahead its time F. W. Koebner, one of the initiators and supervisors of the first German dance tournaments (1912/14), in its preface to the "Tanzbrevier" from 1913. The formation dance, when a new discipline in the tournament haven became, in Germany only 1962 from the baptism, so that one is bent to assume, its history in this country is elevated recent date, particularly since it was already created in England 1937. This several times expressed opinion of some experts may be corrected also here and placed correctly. It is obviously hardly well-known the fact that the first comparable beginnings lie to the formation dance in this country substantially in former times when is generally accepted and a whole Dezennium rather is to be set as in England. Models were in Germany by the past in enrich number given. Also that turbulent post-war period of Berlin of the 20's might have given some suggestion with their Nelson and Haller Girls and the perfected anglo American revues of a Tiller and a Ziegfeld, with which the taenzerische moment became again vordergruendig. With the Apostrophierung of those years of the racing rhythm, the Taumels and speed of those amateurs of the first hour, of Belling and Berne home, of Collini and Cucuel, of Daniels and Doering, of Dr. Kirberg and Karmann, of quiet and Lenius, must be reminded of Magner and by mornings to bring to Nansen and Neumann and other more, which tried with first establishments of club, back peace and simplicity, aesthetics and harmony into the taenzerische chaos of postwar Berlin. After one more than positive echo it was then demonstrated on the occasion of the point fair of the public under frenetischem applause, organized in the autumn 1922 in the citizen of Berlin zoo. And Reinhold summer had again and again to show it, because she timeless also years was always taken up after enthusiastically by new, naturally also on that ruehmlich admits become "citizen of Berlin turn and sport week" in June 1924 and to further large meetings of following time. But in Berlin Sommer's creation did not only meet with largest response, but for example also in Hamburg at the renowned Atlantic Boston club, like also in other cities of the realm the Tango Quadrille had success equal in size. Because of its nearly revolutionary and new ideas summer with its all too conservatively adjusted colleagues some bunch had to out-fence. It did not only express verbally, but it could lead every now and then a quite pointed feather/spring and made themselves the lawyer of its ideas and new creations. "it gives hostilely gesinnte", then it wrote, "in the modern dance the symbol of a verderbten time sees and it condemning... Leave the Tango Quadrille its place, those mediating a bridge forms from the old to the recent time. Old persons honour, which new ones promote, that is their purpose." Herbert of Spoenla, president of the RfT and RPG of 1924-1935 and unfortunately too early deceased honour member of the DTV, writes over it still 1963: "particularly responding the star worked, to which the eight dancers and dancers in the river of the movement grouped themselves, in order to apart-course-lead immediately to different one constellation. The Tango Quadrille was a artful synthesis from old and new form and new dance, their nature after already formation dance in the today's sense ". He had to know it, because he belonged to the few, which possessed appropriate vergleichsmoeglichkeiten from own opinion. From the irreproachable Grandseigneur and the outstanding president personality of a Herbert of Spoenla, to which we have to owe as much, one will unfortunately in vain look for a ring-back signal. But back to the Tango Quadrille. This taenzerische production of the ingenious Reinhold summer anno 1922 cannot only be regarded therefore also right as a birth year of the formation dance for Germany. But Reinhold summer did not stop in its development. It looked for new impressions and ideas, for improvement and modernization. So summer was to be found also at the focuses of dance-sporty happening abroad, which had shifted to end of war 1918 more and more from France to England. He was beside its colleague Fritz Conradi, Dortmund, one first, already early the Blackpool and London visited. From London as well known the English style began its triumphant advance over all continents after the famous "Great Conference" from 14 April 1929. Summer, which was invited already at that time several times among other things also as a valuation judge to England and Denmark, had long understood, and fully of Impressionen it went again to the work. With Vehemenz it began for the new, modern style, took over themselves it with its pupils and transferred it also to the formation dance. Such new formation Slowfox with its elegant Capriccio of fashionable overlaps formed for 1932 the Clou "ball of the golden sheets" in the citizen of Berlin hotel Esplanade, an official celebration of the dance school summer, which annually as if the season pupil ended and united friends of the house. With the citizen of Berlin pairs Luetgen, hone-hit a corner, Arendt and Ramlau (so the sequence in a photo) of north Germans the Casino and blue orange club was Reinhold summer a new, great throw successfully, which brought in indescribable Ovationen for it, as me walter hone-hit a corner with a Berlin attendance later reported. About at the same time purchased in Carl Ernst Riebeling, Kassel, a personality, that is not to be likewise excluded from the history of the formation dance any longer. Approximately since 1930 it interested much in the formation dance, strove around it and in following time for it made itself uncommonly earned. Historical ones and formation dances were already lively and promoted since beginning of its dance teacher career, its special hobbies by its buehnentaenzerische and ballet-moderate training. Also it already at that time the thought became effective to bring the society dance by formations still better. After many considerations and difficulties, but with him own the idealism, he placed a formation in the early 30's for the first time on one society evening on the "legs", about what the large Kasseler of press organs enthusiastically reported. In the later 30's also different tried to do it equal to him. Particularly on larger meetings one could admire e.g. in bath Kissingen a Tangoformation of Heinz Rolff, Hamburg, or also a Walzerformation of Karl shepherd June, Cologne. The actually large time of Carl Ernst Riebeling came however only to that 2. World war, in which it does not only admit as a determining expert for historical dances beyond of Germany borders became. Many marks did not enjoy eye and

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